Translation & Interpretation

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Practice, Translation or Interpretation of American English / Brazilian Portuguese.


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Use the space below to send the text to be translated, containing the number of words in your order. NOTE: If you pay for the translation of 100 words and send 1000, only the first 100 words will be translated. Ignore this option if your order is for interpretation or 1 on 1 practice, which is charged hourly.

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Practice, Translation or Interpretation of English and/or Portuguese with Vaani Bhadra, a/k/a Chris Breault.

  • 1 to 1 Practice of English or Portuguese via Skype or Google Hangout.
  • Interpreter service (to call someone or join a hangout with whom you need to communicate in English or Portuguese)
  • General translations (entire web sites or pages, books, articles, reports, résumés, etc.)

Once the service order is processed, an email will be sent to schedule the day and time mutually agreed to practice English/Portuguese or arrange the details if the request is for interpretation or translation. Translation work is delivered up to a maximum of 5 working days (if up to 1,000 words). Hangouts are scheduled within 3 days at the latest.