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Matrimonial Harmony in Vedic Astrology

Family Relationships Through Houses

In Vedic astrology, the first step to analyze marital harmony between two people is to know if the person being analyzed has chances of marital success in the first place. So, we begin seeing the condition of the planet Venus (the spouse significator for males) in the chart of a man, or the planet Jupiter (the spouse significator for females) in the chart of a woman. Next, we examine the condition of the 7th House (and Navamsa, D-9) and its Lord.

Sun in the 7th House

Hindrance in marriage, problems with spouse, grieved, mentally disturbed. Possibility of second marriage, venereal disease, piles, fistula. Fond of opposite sex, spouse priggish, insulted by spouse. Profit and loss in business, wanders aimlessly, problem from government authorities, wicked spouse. Long separation from spouse. Profit in partnership business. Help from yantra power, fame in society and war. Good income at the age of 24, foreign travels at the age of 25. Involved in activities against government, no happiness from conveyance, gets name and fame everywhere. If debilitated: Marriage not possible before 24 years. If exalted: Educated and intelligent spouse. If with malefic or in enemy sign: Characterless spouse. If strong or in own sign: Single marriage. If in Capricorn: Problem with spouse. If with Saturn: Spouse of doubtful chastity. If with Rahu: Loss of wealth in company of females. If with Moon and aspected by Saturn:  Thorough corrupt. If with Jupiter: Enjoys good health and all material comforts, handsome, rich, fond of jewels. If with Venus: Characterless spouse with the consent of native.

Moon in the 7th House

Happiness with spouse, gains in trading, attracted by opposite sex specially if Moon is of Krishna Paksha, fond of delicious food, greedy, civilized leader, judge, sea travel, promptness, love marriage, handsome, spouse also beautiful, attraction between husband and wife, frequent changes in the profession, sudden financial gains from wife or son, fond of travelling, speculative gains, gains from things produced in water, gain in partnership. Business in grocery, milk and milk products, grain, restaurant, commission agent, insurance are always profitable. If with Venus: More than one marriage (legal or illegal) or extra marital relations. If exalted: Two marriages, luck will help only after marriage. If debilitated and with Rahu or Ketu: Insomnia. In signs other than Taurus and Cancer: Handsome, lucky, loss of married life. If debilitated or in enemy sign: Spouse is wicked, quarrelsome and has extra marital relations. If of Krishna Paksha: Greedy, fond of sweets, sexual. If in Taurus: Most sexual. If weak in Taurus: Ailments of semen and urine. If weak and afflicted with malefics: Spouse has ill health. If in odd sign: Harsh. If with Saturn or aspected by Saturn: Devoid of marital happiness, delay in marriage, spouse older than native, without son, spouse has extra marital relations. If with Jupiter and Mercury: Landlord, all comforts in life. If in Taurus, Sagittarius, Aquarius or Pisces: Early marriage. If with exalted Jupiter: Very wealthy. In female horoscope: Gets excellent husband, dear of husband, intelligent, prosperous, ordinary in appearance, religious, soft spoken, famous, cunning, If Moon is weak: Deprived of happiness from husband. If with Saturn: Remarriage.

Mars in the 7th House

Wanders from place to place, suffers from enemies, death of wife at young age, ill health from childhood, penalized by government, harsh, foolish, poor, jealous, wife dominates, obstacle in marriage till the age of 27, more than one marriage, sexual relations with foolish or barren female, unnecessary worries, wife does not give due respect, does not get fame in business. Wife suffers from gynecological problems, danger from fire at the age of 16. Danger to spouse at the age of 37. If with Saturn: Unnatural sex (homosexual, sex with animals, etc.), kisses private parts during sex. If with Ketu: Sexual relations with barren or with female in menstruation. If combust or debilitated: Most inauspicious. If exalted: Prosperous, long lived. If with benefics: Widower. If with enemy planets: Death of more than one spouse. If exalted or in own sign: Wealthy, happy, only one marriage but chastity of wife is doubtful. If with malefic planets: Backache, more than one marriage. If debilitated or in enemy sign: Ill health, sinner. If in Aries, Scorpio or Capricorn: Marital happiness. If with Moon and Venus: Pleasure seeker. If with Moon: Gains in speculation, gambling, war. If in Cancer sign and with Saturn: Beneficial and sincere spouse. If in Pisces: Widower. If with Saturn: Devoid of spouse and progeny, mentally ill, sufferings. If with Venus: Ailments in legs. If with Jupiter: Separation from spouse. In female horoscope: Widow, enmity with spouse, more than one marriage, irregular menses, ailments of stomach, very sexy, extra marital affairs (definite), ugly, wicked and devoid of happiness of spouse, plumpy body. If under influence of benefics: Not widow. If Mars is in the Aries or Scorpio or in Navamsa of Mars: Vaginal disease. Widow in earlier age provided husband is not suffering from Manglik Dosha.

Mercury in the 7th House

Commanding appearance, belongs to family of high status, expert in business, wealthy, writer, editor, religious, impotent, generous, helpful for spouse, spouse belongs to rich family, gets lots of dowry, extra marital relation, relations with rich female, non vegetarian food, jovial, intimate, very beautiful wife, does not satisfy spouse during sex. If in Gemini and Saturn is in 4th, 8th, or 12th house: Sudden financial gain, gain in speculation. If with 2nd Lord: Successful businessman. If strong: Relations with number of females. If with or aspected by Jupiter: Bold, brave, highly proficient, able children, writer. If with Sun: Destroyer of spouse. If with benefic planets: Facility of conveyance at the age of 24. If in Pisces: Urinary problems. If in Taurus: Death of wife. If debilitated or in enemy sign: Wife deceitful and brings disgrace to husband. If in Virgo: Very happy. If 7th Lord is in 2nd house: Successful businessman. If with Venus and aspected by benefic planets: Successful in business. In female horoscope: Fully devoted husband, involved is some profession, friends, long life, chastity, happy, intellectual, good nature, religious, beautiful, good progeny. If Mercury is with Saturn: Religious, either husband is impotent or she is barren.

Jupiter in the 7th House

Very intelligent, famous, lucky, orator, wise, artist, polite, patience, settles on foreign land, extramarital relations (definite), wife very intelligent, children happy, sons-more, polite and with better status than father, beautiful, fortunate after marriage, successful in profession, marriage at the age of 22 or 34. Special progress at the age of 34. Wife of same caste, co-borns, priggish, illegal relations with Brahman lady, wife of fair color, soft spoken, charming personality, gets fame in justice. If in Pisces: Delay in marriage. If weak, with or aspected by malefics: Extra marital relations. If in Capricorn or Aquarius: Inauspicious results but increases the signification of the houses which are being aspected. If in Capricorn: Wife short lived. If debilitated or in enemy sign: Wicked and corrupt wife. If in Aquarius: Gets respect and fame. If exalted or in own sign: Definitely corrupt. In female horoscope: Character beyond doubt, happiness of husband, employed, wealthy, famous, happy, intelligent, more number of enemies, good husband, beloved of husband, fond of travelling, faithful to husband.

Venus in the 7th House

Always suffers from backache, pleasure seeker, settles on foreign land, cannot work hard, generous, popular, wealthy, unnecessary worries, lucky after marriage, playful, marital happiness, wife beautiful but harsh, chances of wife being lost, fond of wine and non-vegetarian food, baldy, quarrelsome, always quarrels with wife, wife very lucky, attractive personality, good behavior, enjoys sexual relations with very beautiful females, artistic, more than one marriage, very sexual, beloved of females. If exalted or in own sign: Gets fame due to wife. If in Scorpio or Capricorn: Pleasure seeker. If in Leo: Auspicious results. If debilitated or in enemy sign: Wife is wicked and her chastity is doubtful. If in Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn or Aquarius sign in Navamsa and aspected by Mars or Saturn: Pleasure seeker. If with malefics: Ill health of wife or wife devoid of husband’s happiness. If in Scorpio: Death of wife. If with Saturn: Wife is a pleasure seeker or more than one marriage. If exalted: Either father-in-law is very wealthy or gets lots of dowry. In female horoscope: Self-made, backache, sexy, prosperous, intellectual, famous, beloved of husband, religious, beloved by siblings, devotee of Brahmans, acceptable everywhere, good husband, happy marital life, passionate but good character if there is no influence of Mars or Saturn. If with Mars: Chastity doubtful or love marriage.

Saturn in the 7th House

Permanently rich, worried with illness of spouse and sons, greedy, wicked, fond of travel, although does not like spouse still devoted to spouse, toothache, obstacles in marriage till the age of 30, two marriages, stones (definitely if Lagna is Scorpio), relations with characterless females, backache, destroyer of spouse or sufferings to spouse, gastric troubles, famous due to some special characteristic, foreign travel, enjoys all comforts, high status at the age of 36, high status because of directional strength, beautiful wife, good friends, defective walk, depends on others, loss in partnership. If with Mars: Wife very sexual. If with Venus: Sexual spouse but characterless. If in Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces: Two marriages. If in Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius or with benefics: Wealth in marriage, devoted spouse, fortunate after marriage. If exalted, in Sagittarius or own sign: Sexual. If in Pisces: Death of spouse. In female horoscope: Obstacles in marriage till the age of 27, two marriages, separation from husband, long life, husband is much older, characterless, politician, devoid of happiness, ill health, fond of wine, wicked friends, stones, enjoys life, marriage with widower but prosperous. If aspected by malefics: Late marriage.

Rahu in the 7th House

More than one marriage, disgraceful, pleasure seeker, loss in business, loss in partnership, fond of travelling, suffers from gastric problems, wicked, obstacles in marriage, loss of money due to females, problems in teeth, loss of sexual desire with spouse, wife suffers from gynecological problems, yog karak in its own dasha, widower, loss of siblings, ugly wife, devoid of bed/sexual comforts, relations with widow, health problems due to sexual relations with wicked females, wife elder than himself, loss of property. If in Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio or Capricorn: Raj yog karak. If aspected by Moon: Many marriages, fortunate. If with lagnesh: Suffers from hydrocele. In female horoscope: Ugly, devoid of husband, gynecological problems, devoid of happiness from siblings and in-laws, ingratitude, widow, wicked, devoid of intelligence and comforts.

Ketu in the 7th House

Worries, loss of wealth, danger from water, sufferings from spouse and sons, difference of opinion with spouse, gambler, adulterer, insulted by others, relations with wicked females, intestinal disease, unsatisfied in marital life, settles on foreign land, wicked wife, dental problems, postponement of journeys, genital problems. If in Cancer or Scorpio sign: Gains. If in Capricorn: Wife suffers from ill health and is deceitful. In female horoscope: Opposition from husband, widow, always desirous of making journeys, danger from enemies and ill health, sufferings to husband, mentally disturbed, loss in profession, danger from water, adulterer if Ketu is in Scorpio.

Effects of Planets in the 7th House
Effects of Planets in the 7th House