Video Posting on YouTube vs. Facebook

With all the changes happening on YouTube, amid its separation from Google, the social site seems to be losing some of its popularity among users and strength in the social media competition race. It is wise to start thinking of new places to share your videos, whether you are a professional or personal vlogger, to preserve your audience. A better idea would be to gather and centralize your followers in your own private website, since social sites come and go (i.e., Orkut, MySpace, etc.) as the internet and its population grow and evolve, and use social networks solely as a vehicle of promotion.

YouTube Facebook
Monetization Yes No (for now, but this is expected to change)
Video File Size Unlimited 1792 MB
Video Length Unlimited 45 minutes
Your own Thumb Image Option Yes Yes on Fan Page,
No on Personal Profile Pages
Ad Options Yes No
Uploading Time Fast Reasonably fast on Fan Page,
Slow on Personal Profiles
Video Quality Excellent Improving
Video Organization Many Playlist Options and Customization Playlist Options with Limited Customization
Viewer Interaction Can Comment, Share, Like & Dislike. Option to disable comments. Can Comment, Share and Like (no Dislike option). No options to disable comments.
Popularity Decreasing Increasing

The information above is as of October 26, 2015. Social media sites are a great place to advertise products or services, not necessarily a source of direct income, although this is possible.


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