Free vs Paid-Hosted WordPress

Free vs Paid-Hosted WordPress

Free Hosting at

  • It’s free!¹
  • The hosting party worries about all that’s involved with (i.e., updates, offline events, etc.).
  • Your part is just to learn how to use the application and start adding your contents.
  • Many tools available for free, such as design themes² and plugin to add extra functions.
  • You have the option to pay them to setup your site with your own domain name (cost¹ involved).
  • The free hosting imposes ads on your site and to remove them will involve a yearly fee. You cannot ad scripted/coded ads of your own (i.e., Google AdSense ads) on whether your account is paid or free, unless it’s a business account, which is costly.

¹ It can end up costing more if you do “a la carte” service purchases at If you decide to pay anything, it’s suggested that you go with a paid hosting provider (such as because it will cost you less at the end of the day. However, you will have to do all yourself, including configuring the hosting settings, installing WordPress and everything else.

² You can buy professionally pre-designed themes, but these themes are not exclusive and others may buy and use them as well.


  • It’s very affordable!
  • It’s ad-free and you can include your own scripted ads (i.e., Google AdSense ads).
  • You have full control of what happens at your site and can ad anything you want (any ads, any plugins, anything).
  • Use a free or buy a pre-design theme. The available collection of themes is huge.
  • You are on your own and have to configure your hosting settings, install WordPress application on your site and all else. But these are not too hard (if you’re willing and can take the time to learn) and usually there are lots of help provided at vendors’ website. In addition, you have access to customer service and technical support.
  • This option will require basic technical knowledge of web development, which you can learn or hire CC Publications to do all for you. We have a WordPress site setup product available to get you started with a basic and professional site.

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