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Happy Holidays!!

Wishing all my wonder-full friends and customers happy holidays, filled with blessings, health and joy!

Free Tips & Goodies

Dress up your site for the New Year!

Why not start the new year with a new look? A fresh look is always a motivation for viewers to come see your newest outfit and other news! Use the event to make a special offer and give your customers a double reason to visit your website. If we don’t invite viewers and give them a reason to come back, they will likely forget our website or why they even visited in the first place. To give them reasons to visit again and again is always a great idea! Creating a blog area on your site so your visitors will look forward to see what’s the new story you have for them is a great incentive!

The world of Domains has expanded!

Did you guys know you can have your business industry as part of web site domain name these days? That’s right! There are hundreds, and the number is increasing, of new domain name extensions now. Among some are .cpa, .accountant(s), .financial, .lawyer, .law, .school, .church, .associates, .partners, .sale, .service, and the list is very long. Did you also know that by having a domain name in your web address that’s relevant to your business industry you increase your site ranking on search engines? See what some experts are saying.

Oh no! A public bad review!!

Got a bad review on a public internet site? You can sue and/or get it removed if proven untruthful!

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance, as we all know. But what do we do when we’re faced with a bogus rant? Yelp was involved in a lawsuit for allowing a bogus reviewer to rant on a business and the suing owner rightfully won his case. Yelp is far from being a reliable source of information, yet they are all over search engines showing off their bogus reviews on businesses. There are those creating services to clean up bad reviews and you may want to consider hiring them. However, a cheaper way would be to promote good customer service such as, for example, rewarding your customers by enabling your website with gift certificates and smart coupons that will deposit credits on repeat customers. This will sure discourage your customers from being unfair in addition to increased sales.

A Double-Gift!

The inspirational screensaver gift offer is still available and ready to be downloaded as you please has expired and is now freely available to new customers only. In addition, I’m offering 10% off on all new service or product through the end of December. Use coupon code XMASGOODIES (offer ends December 31st, 2015).

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I offer Screensaver creation to those who wish to have one of their own custom-made.

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