Effects of Mercury Through Houses

Mercury By Houses

In Vedic Astrology, the Planets are considered living entities, demigods. Mercury is considered a benefic entity, therefore a benefic planet. Below is a summary of the general effects of Mercury on each House of the Vedic Chart.

Effects of Mercury Through the Houses in Vedic Astrology

Mercury in the 1st House

Intelligent, follows principles and rules, interested in religious activities, well formed body, cheerful, long life, mathematician, jovial, generous, very sweet in conversation, remains healthy till death but suffers from Jaundice even if in Mool Trikona sign. Suffers at the age of 4, mole in the body, suffers from boils, destroys malefic effect of other planets provided Mercury is strong, pilgrimage at the age of 27, always looks young, highly educated, fond of learning astrology, stomach ailments, fond of Arhar pulse.

If weak, even medicine has no effect, children short lived. If with Saturn: Trouble in left eye. If in Capricorn: Wicked, unbending, plumpy body, impotent. If in Gemini, Virgo, Libra, or Aquarius: Intelligent, good orator. If in Scorpio: Chemist or physician. If with malefic: Jaundice, ailments of bile. If exalted or in own sign: Happiness from brother provided Rahu is not posited in 3rd house. If with 6th or 8th Lord: Defective semen. If in Mool Trikona sign: Extremely happy. If with 2nd Lord: Orator, diplomat. If with Rahu: Imaginative.

In female horoscope: Intelligent, healthy, lucky, reputed, wealthy, conveyances, employed in teaching job, long life, big and beautiful eyes, beautiful, prosperous, loving nature, soft spoken, always speaks truth, progeny, sculpture. If Mercury in Mool Trikona sign and Jupiter is in 11th house: Becomes a queen.

Mercury in the 2nd House

Intelligent, hard worker, good orator, intellectual pursuits, agent / advocate / leader / chartered accountant / judge, intellectual, no wasteful expenditure, brave, fond of collecting many things, wealthy, long hair, progeny, honor from government. Fortunate at the age of 25, financial loss at the age of 26 and 29, sudden gain at the age of 36, sufferings at the age of 15. Logical, no patience, cannot be imprisoned even if involved in number of litigation cases provided Mercury is alone in 2nd house. Enjoys all comforts in life, donor, devotee of father, skin disease, fond of sweets.

If with 1st, 7th, 8th or 11th Lord: Devoid of wealth, separation from family. If with malefics: Wicked, uneducated, wind related problems. If in Leo: Benefic results in the main period and sub period of Mercury to the extent it is weak or afflicted with malefics. If with Venus aspected by benefics:  Successful businessman. If with Moon: Weak eyes. If with Rahu: Good luck, helpful, brings good luck for others. If with Jupiter: Wealthy, learned, preceptor, brave.

In female horoscope: Prosperous, famous, intelligent, influential, prosperity in family, agent or leader, critic, long life, soft spoken, donor, beautiful, serves ascetics, progeny, religious, obedient.

Mercury in the 3rd House

Friendship with business class, interest in business, in the company of brave people, polite, soft spoken, efficient, hard worker, fearful, palmist, writer, poet, editor, pleasure seeker, fond of traveling, few brothers, medium age, good siblings, definitely leaves the motherland, ascetic, suffering due to son, financial gains to father at the age of 12. Depression and fearful during main/sub-period of Rahu, understands secrets of trade, successful businessman, favorable for doctor / judge.

If with Mars: Husband of sister suffers. If with strong planets: Long life. If in Gemini: Author and publisher. If with Jupiter: Preceptor, brave. If with Venus: Good luck and gains from business. If with Rahu: Good luck, helpful to others. If with Ketu: It is an unfavorable combination and remedies of Mars are helpful.

In female horoscope: Settles in foreign land, fond of traveling, happiness from brother, singer, dancer, poet, donor, famous, gives birth to capable children, popular, influential, wealthy, fame through sons, obedient, beloved of brothers, few brothers, gives importance to her own work.

Mercury in the 4th House

Intelligent, famous, honorable, highly educated, devoid of paternal wealth, comfort of conveyance, fortunate, donor, plumpy body, lazy, writer, diplomat, always ahead of his colleagues, knowledge of occult subjects, enjoys all comforts of life. Gets gifts at the age of 16, financial loss at the age of 22, involved in embezzlement at the age of 26. Friendship with people of very high status, leader or senior officer, others write whatever is said by him. Fond of songs and dance.

If in Virgo: Very happy, good education. If exalted or in own sign: Deceitful, contact with number of females, ill during childhood. If with Moon: Not capable of giving good results. If with Rahu, Ketu or Saturn: Conveyance, devoid of happiness, wicked. If in Pisces: Auspicious. If debilitated or with malefics: Successful in local politics.

In female horoscope: Expert in government work, beautiful, polite, intellectual, all types of comforts provided Mercury is not combust or retrograde, long life, religious, happy, keeps everybody happy, belongs to renowned family, comforts of servants, sexual, jovial.

Mercury in the 5th House

Minister or adviser, devoid of happiness of progeny, possibility of son in the old age, selfish, wicked, accumulates wealth, good progress. Accountant or mathematician or lawyer, first child is female, learns mantras, mother suffers at the age of 5 and 16, financial loss at the age of 22. Gets money buried underground, first pregnancy of wife is destroyed, painful speech, in company of the wicked, death of maternal uncle, expert in arguing, sufferings to father, happiness to mother, gambler and speculator, recluse, influential in public.

If combust or in enemy’s sign: Destroyer of son. If with Rahu: Speculator. If with Saturn: Only one issue. If aspected by or with malefics: Pleasure seeker, gambler, mad progeny. If in Cancer: Few sons. If in Scorpio: The more it is weak or under affliction the better will be the results during its main and sub-period. If in Virgo: Maternal happiness. If in own sign and Moon and Mars are in 11th house: Very wealthy.

In female horoscope: Intelligent, educated, accountant, teacher, name and fame, lover of music, technical education, mainly female children, fond of argument, characterless, fond of travelling without any aim, few sons, quarrelsome, wicked, devoid of wealth, no respect for saints.

Mercury in the 6th House

Opponent, expenditure on study of Yantra and Mantra, quarrelsome, lazy, priggish, leader of opposition party, sufferings equivalent to death at the age of 37, honor from government, ayurvedic doctor, pure meals, fear of enemy at the age of 21, 36 and 37, fear of arms at age of 26 and 32. Financial gains from cousins or other near relations, ailments in the navel, defeat of enemies, gastric problems, gains of spiritual knowledge from saints, expenditure in religious and auspicious work, gain from business of gems, sufferings due to deceitful servants, maternal uncles have only female issues.

If with malefic Mars: Possibility of getting mad or committing suicide. If retrograde or with benefics: Always suffers, fear from enemies. If with strong planets: Head of family or leader of society. If debilitated or in enemy sign: Destroyer of clan or tribe. If in sign of benefic planets, with or aspected by benefics: Happy, victory over enemies. If with Mars or Saturn: Attracted to the opposite sex, suicide due to females. If in Cancer: Ailments of anus. If with Saturn, Rahu or Ketu: Fear of enemies.

In female horoscope: Angry, increase in number of enemies, healthy, happiness from progeny, independent, destroyer of enemies, impatient, sexual, helps others, short lived, long hands, beautiful, pleasure seeker, proficient in work. If Mercury is aspected by benefics: Ill health, fear of enemies.

Mercury in the 7th House

Commanding appearance, belongs to family of high status, expert in business, wealthy, writer, editor, religious, impotent, generous, helpful for spouse, spouse belongs to rich family, gets lots of dowry, extra marital relations, relations with rich partners, non vegetarian food, jovial, intimate, very beautiful spouse, does not satisfy spouse during sex.

If in Gemini and Saturn is in 4th, 8th, or 12th house: Sudden financial gain, gains in speculation. If with 2nd Lord: Successful businessman. If strong: Relations with number of females. If with or aspected by Jupiter: Bold, brave, highly proficient, able children, writer. If with Sun: Destroyer of spouse. If with benefic planets: Facility of conveyance at the age of 24. If in Pisces: Urinary problems. If in Taurus: Death of wife. If debilitated or in enemy sign: Wife deceitful and brings disgrace to husband. If in Virgo: Very happy. If 7th Lord is in 2nd house: Successful businessman. If with Venus and aspected by benefic planets: Successful in business.

In female horoscope: Fully devoted husband, involved in some profession, friends, long life, chastity, happy, intellectual, good nature, religious, beautiful, good progeny. If Mercury is with Saturn: Religious, either husband is impotent or she is barren.

Mercury in the 8th House

Long life, well known figure in his own country and in foreign land, gains through business, beloved of fair sex, females enjoy his company, extra marital sex, poet, judge, orator, lawyer, chartered accountant, religious, ascetic. Weak in studies till the age of 12, gets divine power, stomach ache or pain in thighs, loss in partnership, sudden financial gains, it does not cause death even if it is malefic, does not cause much problem before death, head of family, always speaks truth, honor from government, embezzlement of others’ money. Special honor and luck at the age of 25, suffers at the age of 28, 32 and 35.

If with malefics: Sinner, sexual, short life. If in Libra: Healthy, wealthy, devoid of happiness from progeny. If in own sign, exalted or with strong planets: Long life.

In female horoscope: Orator, ingratitude, advocate, lawyer, chartered accountant, poetess, long life, intelligent. If with malefics: Smuggler, haughty, ill health, large number of enemies, opponents, impatient, timid. Weak in studies till the age of 14, gets inheritance.

Mercury in the 9th House

Religious, intellectual, gets Vedic and Tantric education, brings fame to the family, adventurous, famous, shuts mouth of wicked people, devoted to father, good orator, donor, helps others, research oriented, interested in new things/objects. Editor, writer, teacher, sons, destroyer of enemies, poet, interest in learning music, astrologer, always adopts the path of religion, lucky, prosperous, dominating nature, pilgrimage. During transit of Saturn in 9th house there is possibility of death of mother. Possibility of death of mother at the age of 16 or 26. Luck favors at the age of 32.

If with benefics: Knowledge of Vedas and Tantra Shastra, wealthy, comforts of conveyance. If with malefic: Adopts the wrong path, believes in others’ religion. If with Venus: Gets important title. If with Jupiter and Venus: Rajyog. If Jupiter and Rahu are in the 7th house: Leaves own country.

In female horoscope: Religious, intelligent, long life, polite, fame, chastity, clever, good deeds, beloved of husband, fasts. If with malefics: Inauspicious results.

Mercury in the 10th House

Gets inheritance, administrator and criminologist, has reputation for justice and fairness, talks less, intellectual, popular, reputation in society, poet, writer, devoted to parents, judge, magistrate, advocate, administrator in government, dominating disposition, luck favors in financial matters. Financial gains at the age of 16, 27 and 29. High status in government, respected by others, enjoys all comforts in life, gets success in beginning itself, good memory.

In exalted or in own sign or with Jupiter: Religious. If with Mars: Jovial. If with malefic or the enemy planets: Corrupt. If debilitated or with malefics: Pain in the knees. If in Virgo: Very happy. If 10th Lord is also lord of Navamsa: Business of textiles.

In female horoscope: Religious, RajYog, judge, magistrate, long life, obedient and devoted to husband, character, prosperous, respectful, lucky, tolerant, always speaks truth, understands politics, respects preceptor.

Mercury in the 11th House

Wealthy, prosperous, respected, long life, systematic, fame, intellectual, poet, editor, sons, destroyer of enemies, gains through government, gains in business, well educated, high status, idealistic, follows the path of truth, indigestion, interest in occult subjects, astrologer and palmist, dyspepsia, very happy in the age of 45, lucky at the age of 19, successful in business, more number of female children, architect.

If with malefics: Wicked, financial loss. If exalted or in own sign: Gains from good deeds. If in Aries: Dispute with elder brother. If in Virgo: Respect, material happiness, donates everything, short life. If with Jupiter: Lucky at the age of 11, 23 and 36, ups and downs in financial matters. If with Saturn: All comforts, amasses wealth at the age of 45. If with Venus: Good health, long life. If with Rahu: Losses, diseases, unlucky, miseries.

In female horoscope: Wealthy, high status, happy, prosperous, high thinking, financial gains, devoted to husband, polite, dark skin color, expert in lending and borrowing.

Mercury in the 12th House

Intelligent but lazy, advocate, religious, knowledge of religion, affectionate with siblings, expenditure on business, settles in foreign land, service to jail or court, association with wicked people, interested in extra marital relations, financial loss at the age of 22, wife suffers at the age of 44 or 48, surgery of eyes after the age of 26, more than one source of income, expenditure for good cause, strong enemies are defeated, involved in religious activities, uncles are happy.

If weak: Inauspicious results. If with Sun: Benevolent, less number of children, whimsical. If with malefics: Playful, opponent of government. If Mars is in 2nd house: Madness. If with Jupiter: Poor, diligent. If with Moon: Unfavorable, marital problems.

In female horoscope: Fond of travel, expenditure on education, impolite, devoid of wealth, quarrelsome, no fame, ill health, gains from relations, lean and thin.

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