About Ilumina Publications & Consulting

Ilumina Publications & Consulting, formerly known as CC Publications, is a self-publishing company created to support our publications. We create and maintain our own web sites, translate our material and publish in the form of ebooks, blogs, web sites and videos.

With more than twenty-five years of experience in the computer industry, the owner and operator, Chris C. Breault, specializes in digital document formatting and production for web publications. Chris is graduated in web design and fluently bilingual in American-English and Brazilian-Portuguese.

Since childhood, Chris has always been inclined and passionate for mysticism, having deep interest in occult knowledge. She began her more serious journey in this field in 2008, making one discovery after another until she arrived at self-knowledge through Vedic Astrology and Palmistry. She works today as motivator in the principles of Law of Attraction and as Palmist, which is the result of her self-discovery through occult sciences. Check out the services and products created and offered by Chris.