3 Tips to Increased Sales Using the Internet

3 Tips to Increased Sales Using the Internet

Printed material is becoming more and more obsolete as the digital era grows and evolves. Digital advertisement, be it via email, social media or your own private website, is on the rise and is here to stay. Sales professionals are spending less hours making cold phone calls to prospective buyers as they are investing their time in learning digital marketing tactics and strategies to gain new customers. Below are some tips on how you can take your sales efforts to a new level.

  1. Have a presence in the most popular social network sites such as Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, to name a few. But do not stop there. Make regular fresh postings in these sites and engage with your followers. In return, this will draw attention to your internet presence and direct views to your product and/or service. In addition, you have an added chance to have an  extra presence on search engines databases. If you do a random search on Google or any other search engine site, notice how many links are coming from social sites postings!
  2. Be sure your website is SEO (Search Engine Optimized) friendly so that is ranked high on search engines. Take the time to learn the correct way to include web content in your site (also known as web content management with usability for discoverability) that’s acceptable and viewed by these search engines as deserving to be ranked high. Search engines are interested in serving their users with relevant contents to their searches. Therefore, it’s wise to know how to be such a partner with search engines’ goals. Sites are often delisted from search engine databases for being outdated, usability unfriendly or irrelevant to users’ searches.
  3. Create videos that generate public interest and attention to your web presence and content. Usually offering something for free that will enhance others’ life is a great way to publicize your web presence while you promote your work or product. Give an expert advice on a subject of your knowing that will help others, or perhaps offer an introductory reduced fee of a service you offer, or even a free sample of your product to motivate prospect customers to buy it in full size. Be sure to post your videos separately (not on just one place and then linked everywhere else) on social sites as they promote their own contents instead of competitor-linked content.

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